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Classes Offered and 2024 Schedule 

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We have students of all ages and backgrounds


Elianae offers weekly classes and workshop options for adults and families! Whether you're into Bellydance, Yoga, or Fitness, Elianae has a class for you! Check out the class schedule to register, get more info, or see options. Elianae can come to YOUR facility for a special class, event, or workshop too! 

Classes are held at (unless otherwise noted): 

LaVista Community Center

8116 Park View Blvd, La Vista, NE 68128

Elianae Offers: 

BELLYDANCE  - Egyptian Raqs Sharqi - Beginner and Intermediate classes available! Location is the LaVista Rec Center, please click on the link below for directions and more info.

CLASS INFO LINK - more info here!

Cost $40/month, students must register prior to the start of every month. $15 drop-ins are available and must be purchased prior to attending class. Drop-ins can only be used during the month purchased.  We meet every week year-round with scheduled breaks throughout the year. Please see the 2024 class schedule for details. Contact Elianae at with questions on class structure or placement. 

Weekly Class times and Levels

6-7pm Mondays Intermediate Bellydance 

6-7pm Tuesdays Beginner Bellydance 

7-8pm Tuesdays Troupe Rehearsal (instructor invite only)

Small class size is ensured for safety and quality class time for students - advance registration is required prior to each session to secure your spot.

Register on the Plans and Pricing Page!

2024 Acceleration Dance Class and Break schedule


  • January sessions: 1-8 to 1-29 No class 1-15 MLK Holiday or 1-30 (family vacation), January makeup classes 1-26, 6-7 pm and 1-29, 7-8pm, all levels welcome to attend makeup sessions

  • Elianae family vacation:1-30 to 2-13 - no classes

  • Barre Workshop: 2-17

  • February Sessions: 2 week micro session, 2-19 to 2-27 (2/19 on Zoom)

  • Wings Workshop: 2-25

  • March Sessions: 3-4 to 3-26

  • April sessions: 4-8 to 4-30, Spring Break April 1-2

  • May sessions: 5-6 to 5-21, Memorial Day break 5-27 and 5-28 - Special Student LaVista parade opportunity on 6/1

  • June sessions: 6-3 to 6-25, Summer break July 1-2

  • Bellydancer Barre - Summer sessions - June 6-8 to 6-29

  • July sessions: 7-8 to 7-30 -Summer Shimmies student party on 7/20 

  • August sessions: 8-5 to 8-27 -  Intermediate class on 8/19 moved to 8/23 due to work conflict

  • Choreography Workshop - 8-24

  • September sessions: 9-9 to 10-1, Labor Day Break 9-2 and 9-3 

  • October sessions: 10-7 to 10-29, Indigenous People’s break 10-14 and 15-                                         Spooky Shimmies student class parties on 10-28 and 10-29 during class

  • November/December session: 11-4 to 12-3 - 11/5 classes moved to 11/8 due to elections (polling location)

  • Special All-Student Recital Prep Dates - Mondays 7-8pm after Intermediate class - 

  • 10-21 to 11-25, 11-18 dress rehearsal

  • Jingle Bell Raqs Student Holiday Recital and Community Hafla - 12-7

  • Winter Break - no classes: 12-9 to 1-2 - 2025


2025 classes start January 8th!

Subject to change, notice will be provided in advance if changes are made.

Elianae teaches flow style yoga
Elianae teaches barre and pilates

Other classes offered by demand and throughout the year at different locations (with sufficient registration):

BARRE  (ballet/pilates fitness)

YOGA  (Vinyasa Flow and Relaxation based Restorative Style)

Virtual classes available on demand on Patreon anytime! 


Ask about specialty workshops such as: 




And more! 

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