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Workshops and Series

Elianae can teach a special class, just for your group!  She has many topics to teach, and all are guaranteed to be fun, no matter what your level! Contact Elianae to book a workshop today! 

Upcoming Workshops and Series 
Mindful Movement - A Bellydance and Yoga Fusion class with Elianae
Apollon Arts Space
Sunday, September 29, 2-4pm

This class is great for beginners to both bellydance and yoga, and is created to help you relax, feel centered, and move with intention and mindfulness. The first half of class will focus on the smooth, slower, more meditative movements of bellydance - circles, undulations, waves and figure eights set to relaxing meditative world music. Enjoy loosening tight muscles, toning and stretching the body and learning dance mindfully in a supportive atmosphere. 


The second half of class features a gentle yoga practice (no experience required) to help center and ground body and mind, stretch, breathe, and offer complete relaxation. Flowing through poses for every body, we cumulate with a meditation including aromatherapy. Our session concludes with complimentary hot green and herbal tea to take a moment to enjoy, chat with Elianae and each other, and recharge. Take time to carve out time just for you and learn something new in this special class.

Please bring a Yoga Mat, and a pillow or cushion to sit on if desired. Cost is $25, paypal to daniellestar7@hotmail.com or use the button provided to reserve your spot. 


Location is the Apollon Arts Space, 1801 Vinton St, Omaha, NE 68108. Check out their website to see more of the exciting events that they offer! 


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Workshop Offerings Menu
Elements Bellydance Workshop

Safe, beautiful introduction to Bellydance in a Two-Hour Workshop. Movements attuned to the Elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. For all fitness levels. Fun, relaxing, and great exercise!! Great for Yoga Studios, Rec Center, Special Parties, Events, or for any venue that would like to try out bellydance and have fun! 

Ballet for Bellydancers Workshop

Ballet is not just for children, and not just for ballerinas, either! Ballet's combination of grace, discipline, good posture and attention to detail can benefit anyone. In this workshop Elianae offers her expertise in both ballet and bellydance, and shows how great alignment, attention to arm carriage, posture and details such as foot point and smooth transitions can benefit bellydancers in all styles. Pertinent Ballet terminology will be covered, as well as modified barre, centre work and combinations. Music recommendations for home practice or performance can be offered additionally. 

Barre Basics Workshop

Barre is all the rage these days, and Danielle Elianae has you covered! Barre works you head to toe in a low-impact way, and makes ballet accessible even to those with 2 left feet. No experience? This workshop is for you! Learn the basics of barre, combining hand weights, glute, core and legwork at the barre with simple fitness and ballet terminology, and strengthen your core! No experience necessary. Intermediate Barre also offered. 


Bellydance Bootcamp

Get ready to sweat, shake and take your dance to the max in this fast-paced cardio workout comprised of 100% bellydance moves! Lots of fun and a great workout for ages 12-Adult. Don't just get fit-learn beautiful authentic dance moves set to gorgeous music! Low impact. Enjoy creative segments such as "Liquid Snake Arms", "Hips of Fury", and "Shimmy Euphoria"! 


Pretty Princess Party (Princess Jasmine/Frozen too!)

Fun, supportive class for little Princesses, gymnasts, and Divas. Ages 4-7.  Make your little Princess shine, meet new friends, and enjoy exercise with this fun class! This class is excellent for birthday parties. Make it a theme with Jasmine or Frozen! Contact Elianae for details! 


Punk Rock Aerobics

Heck Ya! Join Elianae for a High-Energy Aerobics class set to the Greats of punk music, complete with an Abs and toning section that will whoop your ass!!   Only Rockstars who wanna show the flab who's boss need apply!!!! 


Bollywood Blast!

Bollywood intro for all ages! Learn about Indian dance in a fun atmosphere and learn a special choreographed dance.