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August 24, 1-3pm at the LaVista Community Center.


This is for the "Observer" option in this workshop, where I do NOT map out a song for you for a choreography. Please see details below. 


 August 24, 1-3pm at the LaVista Community Center. $30.00 for the Observer. Again, for this option you will be observing the creative process and getting tips on how to choreograph, but I will NOT be mapping out a song for you to dance to on your own. You may observe hopw the process works on other students who have registered for the PARTICIPANT OPTION. 



Have you always wanted to create your own solo or group dance, or maybe you have choreographed before but find it difficult, and would like some pointers? This workshop is for you! Part tips and tricks I have learned in my over 20 years of bellydance, part semi-private lesson, this workshop will both give you a framework to choreograph in the future and a jumpstart on a choreo RIGHT NOW. 


This class is very limited in size, as I will be giving each of you personal attention. In the first part of the class, I will share with you my “mapping music” technique”, which works for both soloist pieces and group/troupe pieces. I will discuss common barriers to choreography and how to overcome them, and how to spot musical patterns, nuance, and emotion, and how to incorporate this into your choreo.


Don’t have a song yet and don’t want me to map out anything for you, but you still want to attend? We have that option too! 


Option 2 - Observer - Attend the workshop to learn tips but I will NOT be mapping a song for you, you will just be observing the process of creation and learning tips. Cost: $30.00 - 10 spots available. This is a great option if you’re curious about the process, but not ready to choreograph anything yet.

Creating your Choreography - Observer

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